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Internet Programming

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ETL and Reports

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C Sharp

User Interface Design

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Client Testimonial

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“Joseph is quick, precise, and elegant with his code. His attention to detail and ability to adjust on the fly in a highly dynamic environment made him an excellent fit for our team. His communication is very clear as well - a highly-valued trait when time cannot be wasted on miscommunications..”

— Alex Griffin, Solutions Engineer Sauce Labs
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“I had the pleasure of working with Joseph back when our lead VB developer left unexpectedly. Joseph stepped in with authority and solved each and every issue with (what seemed like to me) elegant and effortless ease. His pleasant demeanor makes working with him an absolute breeze. He's thoughtful to the people around him, making sure everyone is up to speed. Extremely talented, a very hard worker, and an overall knowledgable and caring leader, any team would be lucky to work with Joseph.”

— Josh Cesana, UI Developer Integrated Building Solutions.
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“Joseph was a technical support specialist during the time he worked for me in Support Services at Levi Strauss & Company. Joe was an exceptionallly talented technical support technician. He supported PC's (desktop hardware & software), LAN's, WAN's, Networks, Telecom, and lead projects for rolling out new technology to our clients. Joe is gifted in that he quickly learns new technology, he challenges himself to master whatever the new technology is and he has a passion for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.”

— Denise Shepard, Talent Consultant Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
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“I was supervised by Joe and can verify the experience as positive. Besides his vast technical knowledge of everything MS Windows in regards to networking, security, and developing software ... he has a human caring for the people under him. The energy he puts into his work is also of note. I would look forward to working with him again.”

— David Nelson, Android Developer David Nelson Software Services
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Work Authorization: US Citizen

About Me

Thirty years in Information Technology

It started with a guy bragging about Quick C programming which led me to mainframe programming school where I scared everyone in class with an MVS Send command, "You just hosed the mainframe." The IBM 4341 instructor promptly promoted me to programming classes where I quickly learned how boring it was to use CICS, COBOL and Assembler 370 to print, "Hi. I think I just hosed the mainframe." on green bar report paper. Imagine my delight when I finally got to Quick C class and broadcasted my, "I'm baaack!" message to the dismay of the Novell Netware Sys Admin. The boys back in the IBM OS/2 and NeXT research lab decided to move to another building, and promoted me to Client/Server programming class. The rest is history.

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